The season starts now

The surf camp is open and our first guests are already enjoying the surf lessons! 

We're warming up slowly, and so is Sagres - with some beautiful sunny days last week! 
Today it's a little cloudy but that doesn't stop the surf school from going out to have fun - remember we have super cosy wetsuits and when you're active and enjoying yourself it's the best way to keep warm! 

The weather forecast is getting better and it should be a sunshine and blue sky..

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Meet the Sagres Natura Team 2017 - Monica

Monica’s been working in the surf shop for almost 7 years already, since she joined the Sagres Natura happy family in 2011!
We can’t count how many surf lessons she’s booked in and surfboard rentals have passed through her hands, or how many people she’s helped with all things surf-related. What we do know is..

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Sagres Carnaval 2017 Street Parade

This weekend was a very colourful time and full of lively people in Sagres! Some people more than others, which you'll see from the photos...

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Anyone wants to work in Sagres this season?!

It’s one month until we open the surf school and surf camp and we have space for some new staff this year.
If you’re in Portugal already, or planning to come to stay in Sagres this year, we invite you to contact us about our job vacancies.

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Good things are coming at Sagres Natura this year…

and we open the surf camp in just a few weeks!

The easy one to organise of our plans is that we begin to offer some promotions and special deals - we’ve thought of many special offers, competitions, prizes and some very nice gifts that we look forward to sharing with you.

Want to make sure you don’t miss out? 

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The season is over!

So we just want to say...
Dear people who made the season of 2016 so very special for us, thank you for joining us in the surf camp and at surf school this year!

We had a wonderful spring, summer and autumn in Sagres and we couldn’t have done it without you! And we’re sure from all the happy salty sun-kissed faces, smiling party surfy people, that you all enjoyed just as much your time with us in the beautiful Algarve.

We shared..

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The Sagres Natura Story: The Boss Celso - Surf Shop

“It makes sense to be in business that fits to your life… surf, music fashion, coast, nature, tourism.. this is all that I grew up with, it’s my life.”

Celso joined the partnership with Sara and Luis when the surf school expanded to become the Sagres Natura Surf Company – with the addition of the surf camp and surf shop.

With his passion for..

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Surfing or Not Surfing this winter?

This year we made some extra exercises with a great partnership during some special weeks where we mixed our normal warm-up for surf lessons with some yoga, especially with surfing in mind.

We teamed up with Diana Jost of Algarve Yoga to bring yoga to the beach for some great weeks of surf school, and all the benefits of combining the two made a big difference to the balance and focus for people learning to surf.

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Guess who's back?!

We’re still very busy in the camp and with the surf school, with lots of bookings thanks to the beautiful extended summer weather, so we asked one of our favourite surf instructors (and our great friend) to come and help us for the last few weeks of surf lessons.

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October blue skies and sunshine..

It doesn’t yet feel like autumn in Sagres, and we’re still busy at the surf camp with lots of surfers enjoying the warm weather.

If you didn’t know already, the micro-climate of the Algarve makes it one of the warmest surf spots in Europe, with every day waves and the bigger swells starting to arrive soon, no wonder we all love it so much here!

This weekend..

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