A Sagres Natura Surf Love Story

Gosia and Jesus

This summer we had the pleasure to share some waves again (for the 12th time) with our very beautiful friends, Gosia from Poland, and Jesus from Spain, who first met on a surf holiday right here in the camp!

The story of how Sagres brought them together gives such a warm tickle to the heart that we thought to share it with you.


Gosia first came to stay with us in August 2009, when she fell in love with surfing and Sagres (of course, who doesn’t).


In 2010 she returned, also in August, with some friends, excited to again go with the surf school and improve. And that’s when she fell into another love!

It turned out that he also had been with us in the surf camp in August 2009, but was here a week after Gosia left, so they didn’t meet that year.
But in 2010 Jesus came to stay with a friend that he met here the year before.

He said that when he arrived in the evening:

“I walked into the door of the lounge and saw a girl there, sitting on the sofa. She looked up at me and I saw these big blue eyes. Then she turned back to her book and I said to myself, she looks a bit boring - who goes to the surf camp and then sits alone to read while the others go in the bars?!”

Gosia says: 

“Yes! I was tired after surfing all day, so stayed behind to read and be quiet. It was so peaceful. Next I heard noisy talking and this man came in, with dark eyes, a big smile. And I felt annoyed for the interruption - oh no a loud person!

But after I took a rest, some of the guys that stayed at the camp after a while persuaded me to go to the bars – Dromedario then Agua Salgada - so in the end we joined other surfers from the camp.”


Jesus changed his mind about Gosia very quickly: "Other people from the camp joined us in Dromedario and I saw her dancing and she didn’t look so boring any more.”

After a bit of chatting and laughing, Jesus asked Gosia, “Do you prefer heaven or hell?” And she chose hell.

She says: “Jesus bought me a kalashnikov, and then the flaming shoot did a good job to start our long long very long conversation."

When they joined us for breakfast in the morning they both looked a bit tired:

The surfing was so difficult that day! We were exhausted from chatting all night. We didn’t sleep at all, just talked and laughed, and yes, it was immediate connection. A lot of fun!

They spent a lot of time talking for the next days, so much that Jesus missed his train home and stayed an extra night, giving them more time to talk and another last day together.

And since that first meeting they visited each other every month, travelling between London, where Gosia was living, and Jesus in Barcelona. Again they stayed with us in 2011, that time as a couple :)
And taking surf trips together, some separate with their groups of friends, always flying backwards and forwards.


For holidays together in the next years, Gosia and Jesus went to Madeira, France, Spain, the Canaries. They’ve been rock climbing (apparently surfing together is much better than climbing together), on snowboarding and cycling holidays, but always returned to Portugal to surf with us!



After Jesus moved to work in the Netherlands they continued visiting each other for 2 years, until Gosia decided to move there as well. Already it’s been 4 years in the Netherlands, where now they can surf right next to the house they bought last year in Scheveningen.

Gosia also took the step of starting her own business; furniture design and renovation with occasional interior design, which is going really well so far (if you live near and are interested to arrange an appointment you’re warmly invited to email her! k.a.m.makarewicz@gmail.com).


But back to the important questions…

Is the surf good in the Netherlands?

Some waves yes, but not so clear blue water as the ocean in the Algarve. Not so consistent surf, only one coastline, and a lot colder! We’ll always return to Sagres for surf holidays and enjoy this special place.”

What makes Sagres so special?

Not only that we met here, but of course that’s a big thing. Here the feeling is the same as the years before, nothing changing, which takes us back to memories. Also the coffee, pasteis de nata, the surf spots so beautiful, clean air, clear sky and bright stars. Everything combined makes such a relaxed vibe, slow, full of all that’s good.


Seems to us that Sagres is the perfect place to fall in love!

Whether you look for beautiful waves, warm sun and starry skies to make your heart happy or a *partner who shares your love for surfing, maybe you’ll find it…
If you want to come and discover the magic of Sagres for yourself you can check our surf & stay packages here.


We hope to see you soon in the surf!

From all of us in the team =)

* Disclaimer. We can’t promise to find you true love, but we can promise a wonderful holiday and great days of fun surfing lessons!

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