All the things our surfer guests love beginning with B..

Beaches, Boards, Bars, Beer, Bonding and BBQ!

The beaches of west Algarve are famous for their beauty and wonderful waves.

We have lots of boards – all sizes, all shapes, for learning to surf and improving and for those who already know how.

We have bars. Great bars. With plenty of beer. Sagres is well known for both of those.

And the last 2, they go together perfectly…

After a week of surf lessons, everyone in the surf camp has shared fun and made new friends and bonded during the experience, so it makes the perfect end of the week to make a BBQ!


With some good tunes and a happy atmosphere, the way to make a surf trip really the best… after watching the sun go down with a beer and some friends, hang out at the camp with the smell of tasty food cooking on the grill.

It’s time to relax, drink, and eat as much as you like!

The food – we make a mixture of fresh fish or seafood and meat, with vegetarian options too, salads and pasta dishes, rice and beans, all prepared in the camp with love.

Rogelio takes great care of the sausages, always. You can see how much love he puts into his cooking in the photo.

And no need to hurry - we know to make enough for hungry surfers (a lot!). Fill your plate, go back for more until you can’t manage another bite.

But save a little space for a delicious homemade dessert, and then when you’re ready to move - to the bars for a medronho shot, cocktails and dancing in Dromedario.


We’ve had some great BBQ parties already this year with lovely people, and we’re looking forward to many more. Would you like to join us?

Come to enjoy all the things beginning with B - book now or contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to beaches and BBQs with you in Sagres soon!

From all of us in the Sagres Natura Team =)

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Surf camp is closed!

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