Extending the season 2017

Surf Camp and Surf School: Open to 15th December!

Normally we finish surf lessons and close the camp in November but we’re extending our bookings this year for 5 very good reasons…


1. Because Weather

Last year the weather was amazing after we closed the surf camp and this year looks like more of the same!
The strong winter sun in south Portugal makes the days perfect, especially for sitting on a sheltered beach. Thanks to the micro-climate of the Algarve, it’s one of the warmest places to spend winter in Europe and, of course, to surf…

2. Because Waves

When the west coast gets big with winter swells, the south coast surf has some really great waves. Sagres is the best spot to easily go from one coast to the other and we have all the beautiful little suntrap beaches to enjoy.

3. Because the Warmest Welcome

After the buzz of busy summer, the mood in the surf camp changes to a calm atmosphere. All is slower, it’s a sleepy season feeling with no crowds, all is quiet-like. Many of the bars and restaurants close but the ones that stay open have a cosy vibe. It’s a very good time to learn a little of the Portuguese language and experience the culture at a slower pace, and to meet more of the local community.

4. Because you want it

People always ask to book outside of the normal open times, and so we decided to extend our season also for this reason, because we like to make you happy!

5. Because we want it, too!

We love the family feeling at Sagres Natura and with only small groups there’s much more of this vibe as we hang out at the camp and on the beaches.
The 3 R’s (Renata, Rafa, Rogelio) normally go off travelling but all are staying in Sagres for longer this year, so it makes sense to open our doors and let a few guests join us to enjoy the cosy time together!


Ready for some tranquilo time, with great waves, a refreshing salty wind* and some warm winter sun on your skin?

If you want to experience Sagres out of peak season - relax, refresh and re-energise with us - check out our packages or slide straight to the booking form and make an enquiry.

If you’re not sure what to expect, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Are you coming to join us?

We look forward to seeing you soon in Sagres!
From all the team =)







*The wind: Yes, it’s true, windy Sagres can make a mess of your hairdo.
But even when the wind is strong, the south coast beaches offer good protection, on a sunny day it feels like you slid back into an endless summer. And we have good warm wetsuits, also hot showers waiting at the surf camp!

Besides, windy hair is a good look, as demonstrated by Massimo..

Photos by Masimo @AlgarveSurfPhoto Find him on Facebook Find him on Instagram

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