Learning to surf? 6 reasons why it’s better to learn with a Surf School

(a good surf school)


For most people learning to surf is one of the best moments of their life. The challenge, thrill, adrenaline in your body, the excitement and the wonderful feeling of catching waves.

You get stronger, your balance improves, sometimes it’s hard but you keep getting better, until you stand up for the first time and you feel amazing - you did it!

But sometimes we see people learning the hard way - by themselves - and for them it turns into a battle. It doesn’t look fun, you can tell by their face, and often they give up trying because they don’t enjoy it.

The difference is the way they learn - surfing isn’t easy, but it should always be fun. And it is if you do it the easiest way – with a good surf school!


6 reasons to have surf lessons, instead of trying to teach yourself


1. Trained teachers

A qualified instructor knows how to teach and will explain, demonstrate and watch your progress to give more tips.
Their experience means they understand that people learn things in different ways, so they (we) teach in different ways to suit the learner and help them progress.

2. Accidents and injuries

Accidents happen. The waves are powerful!
We take beginners to the most suitable waves to learn but always there’s a risk of accidents. The board can hit you or another surfer’s board can. Fins are sharp and boards are heavy!

When you go with a good surf school the instructors are qualified lifesavers and first aiders. If there’s a chance you might hurt yourself, do it the safest way - with a surf instructor to rescue you!

3. Team work :)

It’s easier to learn with the support of others; encouragement helps you succeed.
When you learn with others you share the joys and difficult times - they know how you’re feeling and help keep you motivated.

Being part of a team feels good and watching others learn can really help you improve as well.

4. Know the rules

Surf etiquette can be complicated, so take the easy route and let someone else worry about it.
Your surf instructor will teach you the basics that you really need to know, and then look out for you while you surf – all you have to do is have fun!

5. Confidence

Speaking of having fun… when you know you’re safe and that someone’s looking after you the boost in your confidence makes a huge difference to your surfing progress.

It helps you relax and have fun, so you learn faster and stand up sooner, with a bigger smile!

6. Avoid danger

The sea has all kinds of hidden dangers, from rips and currents to surprise rocks and heavy shore-break.
Good surf schools know where to go and when, they know your level of surfing and will choose the right break for you.

Don’t put yourself (and others) at risk by paddling into a strong rip and needing to be rescued. Or worse…
Stay safe - with a good surf school.


When you have surf lessons with us everything is easier, safer and quicker – and we know from years of experience that’s the best way to enjoy surfing!
We use the step-by-step method to help people learn to surf the right way; if you’re think about booking surf lessons you can read more about it here.

Surf with us to stay safe, enjoy the waves and have fun!


We look forward to seeing you in Sagres soon!

Best wishes from all the team =)

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