Meet the Sagres Natura Team 2017 - Monica

The City vs Sagres

Monica’s been working in the surf shop for almost 7 years already, since she joined the Sagres Natura happy family in 2011!
We can’t count how many surf lessons she’s booked in and surfboard rentals have passed through her hands, or how many people she’s helped with all things surf-related. What we do know is..

that we appreciate very much all her hard work! So we always make sure that in the summer she can take a break to do her favourite thing: lie on the beach in the sun.

Her favourite beach we can’t tell you, because it’s her secret spot – but there are so many beautiful beaches! You can find your favourite place very easily. And if you happen to see Monica just pretend you didn’t notice and don’t tell anybody where it was! ;)

Monica fell in love with Sagres as a child and wanted to live here for as long as she can remember. Originally from the capital of Portugal, she came from Lisbon to west Algarve every year since she was born.

With so many memories of wonderful family beach holidays, she started learning to surf when she was very young and loved to watch her younger brother surfing as well. But it wasn’t only for the waves, more simply she loved to be surrounded by the sea in such a beautiful nature area.

So as soon as Monica finished her studies (furniture restoration and woodwork) she came to live in Sagres and knew it was the right decision.
Monica says she has here:
“Perfect balance of work and fun. Working in the surf shop it’s a relaxed job in the winter, and in the busy summer time there’s another staff member so I can go to the beach. That’s really important!”

She doesn’t like to be in the city, so she also loves the slow way of life and the calm vibe in Sagres, and says:

“To meet friends and go with the skateboards, to join for a surf if the mood’s good and the waves are right, or take photos.. it’s the most simple pleasures that make life good.”

You can find the surf shop and Monica (if she’s not sunbathing) on the right as you drive from the main Sagres roundabout towards Praia da Mareta.
Inside: boards, wetsuits and all the equipment you need for your Algarve surf trip, skateboards, music, fashion and beach accessories.

And the extra bonus; we’re just along from Alice Gelataria, so you can come to ask the surf forecast and then treat yourself to delicious Italian ice cream all in one street!

We hope to see you in the shop or on the beach very soon!
Until then, you can check out the surf shop, find out more about surf lessons or please get in touch if you have any questions!

From all of us at Sagres Natura =)

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