Meet the Sagres Natura Team 2017 - Surf School Crew

All the boys...

 2017 season is full of all the normal fun and sun at Sagres Natura with our great gang this summer!
Along with our ‘usual faces’ (Luis, Rogelio, Rafa and Massimo), in the line-up for our surf school crew this year we give a big welcome and a quick introduction to..    



His second season working with us, Bernardo comes from the north of Portugal to join us for the summer before continuing his travels.

Born in Nazaré, the famous big wave spot, Bernardo grew up in Figueira da Foz where he learned to surf from a young age. After many family holidays in the Algarve, he always felt a good vibe around here so it was an easy choice to work in Sagres when he heard about the job last year from a friend.

“The surf it’s good, yeah of course, but also there are nice waves in the north. The big reason I love to be in Sagres, for the multi-cultural experience. I like to meet different people and here there’s a mix from all over the world. And it seems funny, but I’m in my own country and can improve my English!”

Bernardo combines work and surf perfectly during his travels – as a freelance graphic designer he can work from anywhere and keep adding to his surf trip list easily.
He’s been to Brazil, the Canaries, Morocco, India and many other places with one common theme: waves!

Bernardo’s Top Tip for learning to surf:
Surfing, it’s not meant to be serious. Have fun, smile, enjoy the time. It’s easier to learn if you’re laughing.


(p.s. Thanks to Massimo - Algarve Surf Photo - for the pic!)

Erik also worked with us last year and has a really big love for Sagres.

He comes from Borås in Sweden, inland from Gothenburg and very sadly lacking waves. After learning to surf in Australia and travelling for a while, Erik’s trip around Europe brought him to Sagres and he realised how much more relaxing it is to surf without keeping a look-out for sharks!

The other best things about the west Algarve:
“It’s a really laidback place, lots of open space and natural areas. You can be amazed every day just by opening your eyes and looking at the environment around you.”

He first came here after some friends recommended Sagres as a surf spot that would suit him perfectly, and they were right.

Erik’s Top Tip for Learning to Surf:
Look where you want to go, not at your feet.



Working with us for a few weeks this summer before he goes back to Brazil, Budu also ended up in Sagres after his friend told him about it last year and he got the feeling: “I just have to go!”

He comes from Florianapolis, in the south region of Brazil, and qualified as a surf instructor in San Diego some years ago.
Combining his trip to Portugal with a stop-off in Italy and some research for his business, Budu is very happy with his summer experience.

“The people are friendly, the place so nice, and teaching the surf lessons is really good – always someone come to me, every day, to tell how much fun they had. Everybody is happy here, the beginners appreciate so much the lessons and it’s smiles all round.”

Budu’s Top Tip for learning to surf:
Get your balance before you get up. Just takes a couple of seconds to think. Go slow, feel your balance, then stand up. Easy!



It’s Ben’s first trip to the south of Portugal and he’s enjoying very much the relaxed lifestyle, and especially the nice warm Mareta waves! 

Ben comes from Devon, in the southwest of England, so can surf there and in Cornwall too, but here it’s not raining and the water’s slightly warmer..

He works as a ski instructor in the winter and to make the ideal life he qualified to teach surfing 2 years ago, so he can work and travel to get the best of his sports and favourite weather conditions all year round.

He says about Sagres:
“I heard there were good waves, checked out the location and figured the peninsula’s the best place to be - 2 coasts give a lot of options for surf. So I looked online for surf camps and found Sagres Natura, a couple of emails and a good feeling about the trip, it’s working out pretty well.”

The best moments: “Seeing the smiles on the faces of people when they first stand up. Even the guys, the older ones who are being all cool about it.. they can’t keep the smiles from showing and that excitement is contagious. It’s such a good buzz that it affects everyone.”

And our final Top Tip for learning to surf, from Ben:
How to avoid nosedives… actually, no, don’t avoid them - they’re definitely the best thing to watch! The more you experience the quicker you’ll figure it out. Letting yourself fall can be the best way to learn, and it’s entertaining for everyone ;)

Want to come and entertain us surf with us?

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We look forward to seeing you in Sagres!

From all the team =)

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Surf camp is closed!

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