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We believe surfing is the most fun sport in the world, and that surf lessons are all about learning to surf in the right way, with instructors who really know the right way to teach!

Learn with us in a friendly, safe environment with professional instruction and enjoy catching the best waves of Sagres!

Interactive Teaching Methods

Learn to surf the right way

Our instructors are qualified, certified and experienced and also have lifesaver qualifications, which are regularly updated.
In addition to the standard methods of instruction, we have (after many years of teaching!) developed a unique step-by-step method which helps to build your confidence and make sure that you have fun while you learn.

Learning to surf is different for everybody, which is why our instructors carefully assess your individual progress and discover the best way to get you relaxed and focus on using a learning style that suits you.

Our lessons help you learn the easy and right way to surf, while making you comfortable in the water.

One day with Sagres Natura Surf School includes 2 lessons, approximately 1h30min each, with a nice long rest in between to recover your energy and eat a healthy lunch.

Our group lessons aren't just a great way to learn to surf, you'll also meet new people who share the same sense of adventure and fun and visit some of the most beautiful beaches on the south and west coast of the Algarve, the best location for perfect waves!

Perfect for all ages and abilities and approved by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.
The maximum number of students per instructor is 8, to ensure that you get personal attention during your lessons.

Surf pure with Sagres Natura and experience a surfing holiday in Portugal that combines the best of everything!

Improve your surfing

Surfed before? Improve your style with our individual analysis

We thoroughly assess your level, by checking your experience and knowledge of the basics, so we can fill in any gaps and work on improving your style and technique.

Our surf lessons are divided into groups of the same level, so you'll be able to improve your skills with people who have similar experience.

Our instructors are experienced at teaching all levels, so no matter how good you are, you can always get better... develop more your personal style, improve your technique, or work on a technical manoeuvre with with individual analysis and top tips from expert instructors.

You'll also benefit from our local knowledge, which makes sure you're surfing the right waves for your level.
With so many beaches to choose from, it's important to know the spots that work best with different conditions - and you can trust that we know!

The maximum number of students per instructor is 8, to ensure that you get personal attention during your lessons.

Combine the best of everything!

We create the most perfect surf holiday for you, and make sure that every day is a great day!

Let us organise everything so all you have to do is eat, sleep, surf (maybe some drinking and dancing too?) and enjoy!

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Surf Equipment Rental


We have a huge surfboard storage room, filled with all kinds of boards and wetsuits to make sure we can provide what you need to surf!

Softboards, a selection of both epoxy and polycarbonate Mini Mals, Shortboards and Longboards, and bodyboards too.

And a wide range of wetsuits (3:2 and 4:3mm) so you can use the right one to suit the sea temperature.

Use of equipment is included in surf lessons and surf camp packages - also available to hire separately.

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